Thursday, October 26, 2017

Commission this month and A Few Paintings for Sale

I had a client this month who wanted the grand Tetons in black and white watercolors.  And then she wanted black and white watercolor trees.  They were about 16X20 inches. 

Online Art Show:

This month I did an online art show.  I was really pleased with how it went.  I was really surprised to see how many people really loved the flowers.  I really love the landscapes, but it was just fun to see what people like.  I met my sale goal, and tried some new things.

Here are a couple of landscapes that I am selling.  They are still available.  Click here to see the available paintings: Libby Dibb Art Etsy shop

I feel like the picture doesn't do the painting justice because of the really pretty texture.  I love this one so much.  It's called "Standing Tall."  I think of this lovely tall tree that stands out next to the two smaller trees.  Sometimes we need to be bold, different, and stand tall as we go through our fall leaves and change.  I'm really tall for a girl (6 feet), and I always felt like a head taller than all my friends.  It used to be annoying, and now it's just awesome and I love it.

I love the peacefulness of this painting.  Again, it has really awesome texture.  Love the serenity.  It's called "Solitude."

Saturday, September 23, 2017

September Available Paintings and Updates

 - available upon request through email:

I redid these flowers. 5 X 7 (available $29)

Peony 5 X 7 (available $29)

Landscape study #1 8 X 10 5 X 7 (available $48)

Landscape study #2 8 X 10 5 X 7 (available $48)

Landscape study #3 8 X 10 5 X 7 (available $48)

Email me at if you have any interest in these pieces.


This month I posted some paintings on Etsy and advertised minimally.  It was a great experience to figure out how to move forward at a comfortable pace.  Selling some art, trying out some marketing, and then just really enjoying making it.

Commission finished! This took me several weeks, including a vacation in the middle.  This was challenging and rewarding. I had to drive up to Morgan, UT to take pictures of the valley for my client.  Then I spent some time organizing the layout in my mind.  It is pretty in this picture, but it's really awesome in real life.

This is an art project I helped someone with at church.  My goal was just to GET IT DONE in one morning, and we did.

This is a framed painting that has been delivered to a client for their office at work.  I love this painting and how it looked framed.  Love those gold frames.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

July and August paintings






Already sold.

Commission. 36 by 48 inches.  It's huge!


A lot of these paintings will be available for sale in a month or two for Christmas, except the red flowers and the large mountain commission. 5X7 will be $35 shipped and 8X10 will be $55 shipped. If you are interested, please email me.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

June and July 2017

The last couple of months I have been working on a couple of big commissions.  Now I'm finished!  I'm starting another commission more seriously today.  I am toying with the idea of doing a little online show with the paintings I have right before Christmas, but we shall see how I feel.

I have learned to wisely limit how much time a week I will devote to commissions, which is why they take a long time.  It's just nice to only commit to working on them once or twice a week, and then focus on my other paintings during the week for free expression.  Both are good for me.  The commission has structure and a challenge.  The fun stuff helps me practice skills and just explore different subjects how I want.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

May 2017

This is a painting I started and didn't finish.  I'm going to paint over it and and make something great.  I think it's good to see when a painting isn't working and just moving on to something else before trying to make it work.

I devoted this month to working on paintings for a fundraiser.  This temple was one of them and very worth my time!

This rooster is based on a another painting and the head looked so weird, so I looked up real pictures of a rooster and got a good idea of what it looks like.


 A Boat Watercolor:
This project was for someone specific.  I'm pretty pleased with it.

 Miramare Castle, a commission.  I did my best!  Commissions challenge me, but I really can't work on them every day or I get really stressed and unhappy.  I need to have a lot of projects that are fun and creative most of the time, and then really challenging commissions 1-2 days a week.  Then I don't get too overwhelmed.

I loved the way this turned out.  I had to change the tone of the color to a bluer color to work with shadows and not have it look so flat and black.  There is a lot of problem solving for picking out the right colors.  I hope it is as good for my brain as Sudoku or something, because I hate word puzzles.

This is my little artist that I let paint once in a blue moon.  (so much energy to get her set up and keep it safe and clean.)

This girl pretends to paint.

This is a painting that I am doing for a wonderful client.  (My mother-in-law).  I hope it turns out great.  I think it will be good enough.  My drawing honestly could be better.  I have learned that if it's not based on a really good clear picture, there is only so much you can do.